Friday, October 21, 2005

Creatures of Light

An endless trek...up the path of time...changing every passing highs and lows...signifying "nothing".

Doers do their best to stay on track and those who do not stray away only to be ravaged and pillaged by the unknown terrain...sticking to the track makes sense in this way but it means that everything becomes monotonous and predictable...means the trek loses its sparks...means "nothing".

It does not always give you whyt you want but takes you tentalizingly close to close that you feel "good"...but then you realise that what you were chasing all this time was a "mirage"...a mirage, of dreams, of hopes and endless contentment...but it goes away as the sick cycle are back on the trail and so is another mirage for you to chase...Putting a meaning to all this is difficult but it makes an ironic kind of sense for some to play this game of cat and mouse...something to keep you occupied...something to stop you from thinking about other routes...

Life is like that endless figment...a desire, a craving of having something that is evading you...having something that you do not have and not wanting something that you do...The trail is yours but you do not want to follow it or more as well the trail does not want you to desert it...but you want a change...a new an end that is just as sick as twisted as life itself.



Joe Powel said...

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SEV said...

maybe its all a mirage anyway, and all you ever see is the reflection. not surprising that the mind wants more than that.