Thursday, December 22, 2005

Cocktails & Dreams...

Last Night....


Gin Tonic...


Gin Tonic...

Magic Drink (50%Red V + 25%White V + 12.5%Malibu + 12.5%Orange-Juice)...

Magic Drink...

Havanna Club...

Gin Tonic...

Gin Tonic...

Don't remember much after that...


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Of the Past and all things then...

Saw DCH yesterday, for about the gazillionth time...

Its very strange that everytime I see that movie I start contemplating about friends, college, back then when life was without any nuisances. I do not know why but I do it every single time. Everytime I see it , I decide that this time I am not going to think about anything but eventually I try to rationalise to myself that I miss all that and that I should be thinking about it.

Its amazing how you can rationalise things to yourself...convince yourself about something that you only thought of...but it is one the hardest things to do coz you will always know all the arguments and the counter-arguments...

Maybe its a way in which we try to accept things...but then again, maybe its just me !!!


Friday, December 16, 2005

Rate your life...

This Is My Life, Rated
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Games : To or Not To...

It just occured to me that I have never (ever) put a post about the thing I LOVE to do most...Game !!! So here is some of my game-ology :

Game Genres I like :
First Person Shooters(FPS)
Arcade Games (esp. ones in top down view)
Strategy (AOE et all)

Game Genres I hate :
Superhero games (Spiderman, Batman, Crap-man....)
All games ending in ...Tycoon (:P)

Games I started out with : (about 6 yrs ago)
Age of Empires

Games I am totally for :
Half-life (all versions : Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Uplink)
Max Payne (only 1....I think 2 sucked...)
Serious Sam (1 and 2..go go croteam)
Grand Theft Auto (.....err dont think...all of them)
Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit
Age of Empires (1 and Roman Expansion....don't like Kings and Conquerors that much.. :P)
Star Trek Armada
and the immortal - Quake (2 mostly).

Games I am gaming on now :
Half Life 2
(Amazing gameplay, gr8 graphics, but more system requirements as opposed to the hl1 :( )

Alien Shooter
(One light weight arcade style game from some developer called SIGMA team. Gr8 game...try it if u have not. You can find it at

(Another light weight arcade style game. Personally liked it better that Alien Shooter, same plot. And you can also find it at

Games I will get :
GTA - San Andreas
Quake 4

Game on...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Here are some images from a place called Engelberg in Switzerland. A very popular ski-destiantion. Had been there with some friends over the weekend. A few shots here and there...a few from my cell-cam and a few from my friends digi-cam.

A camera-savvy mountaion.

Engelberg from up top.

The Hotel I was staying at.

Lead of a local band playing at a local bar...The bar is called 'Ucatan', for all those who want to know. Image is blurry coz it is difficult to stand still when a) U r dancing and b) When about a gazillion people are dancing around you.

Engelberg at 7:00 in the morning.

The view from one of them Hotel Rooms.