Monday, December 12, 2005

Games : To or Not To...

It just occured to me that I have never (ever) put a post about the thing I LOVE to do most...Game !!! So here is some of my game-ology :

Game Genres I like :
First Person Shooters(FPS)
Arcade Games (esp. ones in top down view)
Strategy (AOE et all)

Game Genres I hate :
Superhero games (Spiderman, Batman, Crap-man....)
All games ending in ...Tycoon (:P)

Games I started out with : (about 6 yrs ago)
Age of Empires

Games I am totally for :
Half-life (all versions : Blue Shift, Opposing Force, Uplink)
Max Payne (only 1....I think 2 sucked...)
Serious Sam (1 and 2..go go croteam)
Grand Theft Auto (.....err dont think...all of them)
Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit
Age of Empires (1 and Roman Expansion....don't like Kings and Conquerors that much.. :P)
Star Trek Armada
and the immortal - Quake (2 mostly).

Games I am gaming on now :
Half Life 2
(Amazing gameplay, gr8 graphics, but more system requirements as opposed to the hl1 :( )

Alien Shooter
(One light weight arcade style game from some developer called SIGMA team. Gr8 game...try it if u have not. You can find it at

(Another light weight arcade style game. Personally liked it better that Alien Shooter, same plot. And you can also find it at

Games I will get :
GTA - San Andreas
Quake 4

Game on...

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