Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Story so far...

April, 1998...

How it all started...
Him : "Why did u mend my notebook?"
Her : "Arey, can I let a colleague's notebook be like this?"

What went on...
Him : "I do not know what you think about me but...I love you."
Her : "I knew this was coming. I cannot get into a relationship right now."

September, 1999...

The first sign of a new beginning...
Him : "Do you love me?"
Her : "I cant say now. There are people around."
Him : "Okay, 1 for yes and 2 for no."
Her : "[gigle]I have a class at 1."
Him : "What ?"

May, 2000...

The beginning of a long wait...
Him : "I have to move out for studies."
Her : "But you will come back, right ?"
Him : "Yes, definitely. I love you a lot."

July, 2000...

His first mistake...he should have come back.
Her : "Give me your list when you are finished."
Him : "Umm..yes."

His second mistake. He should have been with her.
Him : "Hello, Girls Hostel connect karengey please."
Someone : "Kaun Paijey ? ".
Him : "[her name]".
Someone : "Thehro".
Her : "Hello, what took you so long?"
Him : I'm sorry. How are you ?"
Her : "Not fine. I am feeling lonely here."
Him : "I wish I could do something."

There was a card in the mail. It was from her. It said : "I LOVE U".

They should have been together...
Him : "Hello, how are you?"
Her : "I am alone here. And I miss you like anything."
Him : "I miss you too."

He screwed up...
Him : "Hello."
Her : "Where have you been? It has been so long since you called."
Him : "Sorry, I couldnt call. blah blah blah...Try to understand."
Her : "Okay, but I miss you a lot...please dont do this again."
Him : "Never."

But he did...again...
Her : "Where have you been?"
Him : "Sorry...blah blah blah"

And again...
Him : "blah blah blah"

September, 2003...

So finally...The mother of all mistakes...letting her go.
Her : "This is not working out."
Him : "Are you sure?"
Her : "Yes, you have left me with no choice."
Him : "Fine."

July, 2005...

I have no words for this...
Her : "Hello."
Him : "Hi, how are you?"
Her : "I am fine...but how could u not call?"
Him : "You made a choice."
Her : "There were reasons for that."
Him : "Im sorry, there is someone else now."
Her : "But what about me?"
Him : "Sorry."
Her : "[crying] I love you."
Him : [Hang up]

May, 2006...

All is well...
Him : "Hi, How are you?"
Her : "I am fine. How are you?"
Him : "I want to clear things between us."
Her : "Sure. Why not ? "
Him : "blah blah blah"
Her : "I love u."
Him : "I love u too."
Him : "Will you marry me?"
Her : "YES."

Unknown Date...

Him : "Hurry up".
Her : "Wait a sec...[guy-kid-name] is not wearing his shoes."
Him : "[girl-kid-name] ! Come on, lets go. We'll wait for them in the car."
Her : "Okay, all done. Lets go."
Him : "[car door shuts] You look lovely, I love you. [kiss]"
Her : "I love you too [smile], but we're getting late.
[car pulling out]

People might grow apart...sometimes both sides involved do, but the thing that keeps them going is love.
There was love, a lot of it. Thats what brought them together...and will keep them together for ever.


SEV said...

Hum Tum :D

Complete contrast to earlier post, it must be said.

Ashish said...

Should I say this story is based on true events?

SEV said...

No don't. Say the truth: that its based on Hum Tum :D

Ashish said...

Hum Tum was 2004. This started in 1998. And Time Travelling is not in fashion yet. So uh-oh.

SEV said...

So you say :D

abeer said...

I was wondering... this seems all too familiar... then SEV mentions Hum Tum.... aaah yes, thats where it's from :)
'there I go, plagiarising again'...

abeer said...

Hum Tum indeed! Bloody plagiariser..

Ashish said...

So u would say...
And besides if I was in a Plagiarising mood, wouldn't I pick something better ?