Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Is it possible ?

Sometimes I wonder, how much do I love her ?
How much does she matter ?
Is there any way to find out ?
Can anyone show me something that deeper, stronger, more vast than the love that I have for her ?

I thought of the ocean, and all the infinite seas...Are they deep enough ?
No, I said to myself.
The depth in her eyes, is more.

I thought of the heavens, the countless stars...Is there something more infinite than that ?
Yes, I said to myself.
Everytime I see a star, I think of her, I make a wish and close my eyes.
I did this for days...until...one day...I opened my eyes and...I ran out of stars.

I thought of the riches, jewels and pearls, diamonds and rubies...all the splendour and lavish...Could there be something more desirable that those ?

Yes, I said to myself.
I would give them all up, if they were mine, just to see her smile once.

I thought of a lake...so sparkling and pure...so beautiful and tranquil...Can there be something more soothing than that ?

Yes, I said to myself.
I have felt her touch...
And there may be things that soothe me,
But not so much as her.

So gave up my search...
And told myself to understand...
There can be nothing else in this universe...
That I can love more.

1 comment:

Asawari said...

u sound lik ur infatuated - love has a lot more to it than that buddy - n time will prove me correct :D