Friday, March 10, 2006


I seem to have developed a unquenching thirst for technology.
About a year ago, I had nothing except for my cellphone...a humble nokia 3530...and look at me now.

It all started when I wanted to "upgrade" my cell phone. It was December, 2004. After some self-evaluations...I settled for a nokia dream since college.

And then, I found the marvel called "bluetooth". Although I had heard about it, even crammed pages and pages about what it is and how it works, but had never seen it in action. So, I decided, I can't be left ignorant. I went out and bought a USB bluetooth adapter, a USB Dongle, as it is more popularly called, from Bangalore.
This was the early February, 2005. After understanding the marvels of bluetooth and trying almost everything bluetooth-ly possible, I grew beyond it.

About June, was the time when I moved to Switzerland. After getting here, the first thing in my mind was a laptop.
After some homework and all, I finally settled for a Dell Inspiron 6000 Platinum,
the love of my life. I can go on and on about how it has become indispensible for me but that will be another post. It is like "Buy it, hold it, love it."

Moving on, although there was enough storage space to go around, I still needed a flexible , light weight mode of data transfer.
So, again I went on the hunt and returned with a 1 GB Samsung Flash Drive.
Although quite small, this little thing has got me out of some really complex suituations.

As my adventures on the net started growing from a few hours a day to days together, I decided that I needed something extra. I needed a warehouse! So, to this end, and with the help of my trusted buddy, Rups, I went out again. Only this time,
I returned with something big ! A Mevis 200 GB external HDD,
it has all the space that I will need for the near forseeable future.

After all these escapades into the tech jungle, I felt provided, yet not content. There was something missing. Something handy, something useful. a 4 GB Creative Zen Micro.
So there I was, with a Micro in my hand and Creed flowing into my ears, wondering
why did I not do this earlier. It is a must-have gadget for everyone.

So thats the story, the evolution from a gadget-rookie to a pro-gadget-eer. But this is definitely not the end.
More will come as time will tell. And I will be ready then...


abeer said...

Never say Never eh? The world is not enough my friend!

Ashish said...

Abeer : exactly !!!