Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Reply to "there are no words"...

This is in reply to this : there are no words

The thing about reservation is that it is way, way over-rated. It was supposed to be just a spark, not a fire. Reservations are provided to people, who because of various social / political / economic / etc reasons are not able to compete with the mainstream. Thats the idea. It is to help them stand up. But just that. No more. It should be withdrawn soon after that.

Coming from the J&K, this fact is much evident to me. After facing all the "crap" that we did, the least that the government could do is allow our people to not be left behind as far as the mainstream professions were considered. And the Govt. in Maharashtra did just that and we are much more than just thankful. But the reason there was much more economic than political. And I am of the personal opinion that it is enough now. 10 years is more than enought time for any community to re-build itself. It should stop now. It should have stopped 5-6 years ago.

About the reservations on caste basis, it stemmed out after independence as India was a much more "caste-driven" state then. It was decided that in order to give the "lower-castes" a fair chance, this had to be done. But that was more than 50 years ago. The present india is much more forward-thinking than it was 50 years ago and there is no reason for ideas that were implemented then to be kept in force now.

Now comes the fact that the goverenment wants to introduce reservation in premier professional colleges. I say, the damage has already been done. With reservation already in force in most of the professional colleges around the country, I do not think it will make much of a difference to do the same in some 'premier institutes'. The volume of students churned out every year by the non-premier institues is already massive in comparison. The worst it will do is that it will make the cream sour.

Even if this reservation in the premier institutes is not introduced, we already have a problem on our hands. The solution is not to protest this. The solution is to make the government do away with the whole reservation system, or atleast its current form. And this, I am afraid, is a very-very big fish to fry.

I do not know how long it will take, but until the system is revamped from the inside-out, it does not make much of a difference who does what.

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SEV said...

Very true.. this is what I was talking about. In trying to do the good for the majority, the minority within who really will go up end up getting discounted.

See, just cause most of the milk is sour, doesn't mean that the cream should be allowed to sour as well. Its taken us 40 years to establish those institutes as premier the world over. One year is enough to end that.

The system needs to be reformed true.. but letting the entire thing go down the drain before rescuing it is no good either.