Thursday, November 18, 2004

Bright side

Its been a lot of pessimism these past few posts. There is a brighter side of life that sometimes we do not look at. It is there, for all of us to see and experience. There are good things in life. Things that u care about not because u have to but because u want to and no matter what matter what u go thru, u still care.

And care u should. Something must be there that u want to have, so badly that u'd do anything for it and no matter what happens, u stick to it, in rain or do not forget. It came to me while I was wondering that to have someone so special gives u a direction, and life does not seem so meaningless and dragging after all. Seems like you are wanted, cared for, and liked.

Doesn't mean that u go and find that someone and if u do not have that u don't have nothing. Just that even if u feel that there is no one like that, If u look around hard enough, u will find some hearts warmed by your presence, those who care for u without any demands and want u to be........happy. Yes, there are such someones for each and everyone of us.

There is much more to life than just all the hate and guilt and the drag we go thru, there is much much more to feel, to share, to see, to believe, but we just have to know when to look and where to look. The feeling of wind touching ur face, raindrops dripping off ur forehead, a little angel holding ur finger so it doesnt fall, hearing the sweet tune that u missed for so long, driving out to that spot with that special someone and being there..........just being there.

And all these...........make it all worth it..........make u want to stay.................make life worth living.

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SEV said...

first off its only when u see how deep the rabbit hole can go that you realise what the daylight is.
second off, very often it is these someone without whom life does not seem worth it.
and so the vicious circle continues..