Tuesday, November 16, 2004

its a drag !!!

knowing where u been in life and then u see urself now........how do u think it figures that this is what u have been wanting to do, wanting to be here and all u ever thought was it is gonna be good. but i think it is just that we are all so busted up from what has led to this that we r not able to see that which truly lies in this for us.........an oppurtunity to prove to us ......... what we can be and all that we can acheive.........its all out there , we just need to be strong enough to be in our frames when the time comes for us, its not what we are but who we are that is gonna tell where we go........we can drown us in booze and never look up and then we can party out all night but be there when it happens.......to hold it all for all to see and to prevail...............I will be there.........will u ???

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SEV said...

but that does not mean we are not meant to do something.
it may be that it's been set up so that we do what we get; rather than we do what we want.
but yes, do not forget dreams coz very often they are the reality that we need. that we should live.

but we will always be there; regardless of what the future holds