Wednesday, November 17, 2004

There and back again...

And the world does go around. Comes back and hits you when you least expect it. I do not know whether it is me or if it is this world, but something is definitely not right. I feel it, everyday, dragging on with me like that evil twin that you wish u never had, but its meant to be there with u. Don't really know why or how or when but it does cause a lot of things to happen, ones u do want to and the ones u most certainly dont.

Sometimes, I feel like i am in a cage and all those prowling eyes around me are just waiting for that one wrong move.It is just a matter of time when we'll find out who'll blink first ?

To someone over the fence, it seems so perfect and so quiet. But only the inmate knows that life here aint a walk in the park. You will get hit, you will face loads of crap, but you cant quit.

But why in the name the one should you take it? why? why cant u just give it all up and do what you want to do? Be with the ones you want to be with? Why? Why not?

Why cant i just move on with me? Why do I have to put up with the fallacies of the world? With the facade that it exhibits? Why cant I just get up and lay the smacketh down on everything i despise?

I guess it is just the chains that we have tied ourselves in. The binds that we cant break. The binds of love, of relationships, of companionship, of respect, of...fear
of losing all that we hold dear.

Damn you creator, for putting me in this jinx, now all i can do is bear it...atleast till it can go on.

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SEV said...

one does not have a choice in the matter.
so one has to grin and bear it.
else, get drunk and lose all touch with reality.
if only it was possible to do that for all time.