Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Was going through this. It is an article that talks about a research done about the capacity of the human brain in terms of memory. Incidentally, a normal human brain can store the position of every ATOM in the entire UNIVERSE since the BIG BANG till NOW, and more that it can do this for 10 to the power of 8000 such universes. Whew !!!
But the writer wonders then why can't he remember the phone number of his wife ???

This made me think. I had read somewhere that humans normally use less than 10% of the brain's power. There might be different reasons for this. Probably we do not use the rest coz we do not know how to, or maybe we know but still we don't. I am not sure. But the concept is interesting...Just like there is a part of the brain that is used for reading and we use that part when we read...and we do this coz we have been taught how to.

Consider this, maybe there is some part of the brain that is responsible for Telekinesis...or ESP...or even flying...but we do not know how to trigger that part...and we have not been taught...What if someone figured out how to ? Would open up a whole realm of possibilities. The human Brain is an interesting piece of engineering.



SEV said...

We actually use 2% of the brain. Einstein used 10% - the highest to date.
More than not being taught, we are inherently limited. Gravity is something drummed into our heads.. we cannot think that we can fly. Remember the training of the Neo in the Matrix ? Case in point.
The body is an interesting peice of engineering too.. you find a waste facility running through the same place as the recreation facility.. if you get what I mean :P

Ashish said...

Yes. I get what u mean...clearly.