Tuesday, April 25, 2006

This is not good...

This has happenned before. As of now, I don't want to do anything. Nothing at all. I'm bored with the constant activities that I participate in and do not want any more of them for now. I want to take a break. But then this weekend was a break but still I did not want to do anything specific. I did not want to go out, neither did I want to stay home. I did not want to play any games...I even did not want to watch anything. The state of not wanting to do anything is worrying because I am not sure what to do when I do not want to do anything. Maybe I should try lying around doing nothing and then maybe I will gather enough urge to do something...or maybe I won't. But its worth a shot.

Hope it passes...soon.


Cyberjunkie said...

Welcome to the club, me and Taatya are members already
PS:- When do you want your wordpress stuff organized?
mail me'http://'thesubdomainyouwant'.severeanomaly.org

We'll do the wordpress installation.

SEV said...

Welcome to the club indeed :)

Occupational hazard I guess. Try collecting and reading comics. Try figuring what collections of movies you need to make. Try collecting more serials - Scrubs for instance.
Read books.

Thats what I do anyway.

p.s. Far Cry - 6 quid. YES !